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Finca El Rubi Pink Bourbon Anaerobic Natural - Huila


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Finca El Rubi Pink Bourbon Anaerobic Natural - Huila

A natural anaerobic 100% pink bourbon from Huilla with beautiful notes of raspberry and blueberry, amarena cherry, cacao nibs, sweet caramel aftertaste. Perfect for filter and espresso.

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The story of El Rubì farm starts 25 years ago when it was sold to the current owner Heiner Lazo and his wife Johanna.

Finca El Rubi, where this lot comes from, is located in the Acevedo region of Huila and was a wedding present from the owner Heiner to his wife. He decided his love was so big that one ruby could not express it all, so he gave his future wife thousands of rubies. All these coffee rubies helped the couple to move forward, and until today they raised three beautiful daughters.

Heiner has never stopped innovating, adapting, and changing the farm's processing methods to improve results and quality.

He was initially growing the variety Caturra, and then three years ago, he replaced the then-existing cultivars with more exotic varietals, including Papayo, Pink Bourbon (only 6 ha), and SL 28 plants.

This coffee is 100% pink bourbon variety and is only rarely found outside the Huila Department. The trees are very strong and very productive, and also very resistant when it comes to rust.

Pink Bourbon, which is a cultivated cross-bred variety between Red and Yellow Bourbon, was reportedly discovered for the first time in Pitalito, Huila. When red and yellow genes are present in each pollen grain, the recessive genes that create these hues are easily prevented from developing, making pink bourbon extremely rare and difficult to produce consistently. Because of this, a well-contained lot can produce excellent results while retaining this varietal's unique colour and flavour. Pink Bourbon contains a significant glucose level, contributing to the coffee's more delicate, smooth, and nuanced flavour profile.

Heiner and Johanna started experimenting with processing in the last few years and are working with temperature-controlled fermentations.

The anaerobic process begins by harvesting and selecting only ripe cherries, the cherries are then placed in large hermetic tanks for a five-day-long anaerobic fermentation. Brix and pH are measured constantly through this process and are used to determine the stopping point for fermentation; the coffee is then subjected to 20°C temperatures to cease fermentation and remove the yeast and other microorganisms. When the fermentation reaches the right state, the coffee is sun-dried for 7 to 10 days, down to 11-12 % moisture, depending on the weather.

In the cup:

Berry-ful! Raspberry and blueberry, amarena cherry, cacao nibs, sweet caramel aftertaste, heavy body.

Suggested recipe for V60 extraction:

20g ground coffee, 280g water, temperature 92C, extraction time 2:30 min.


Minimum resting period: 7 days from roast date for filter roast, ten days for espresso roast.

Acevedo - Huila
El Rubì
1650 - 1800 m s.l.m.
Pink Bourbon
Natural anaerobic
Two profiles available:
For espresso & moka pot
For filter
Note sensoriali
Raspberry and blueberry, amarena cherry, cacao nibs, sweet caramel aftertaste, heavy body

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