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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Package and Storage

How long is the Nero Scuro coffee shelf life?

The coffee, as such, is considered a non-perishable food and as such there is no risk in drinking old coffe. As you will notice, on the bag there is a “preferred” consumption deadline stamped, as required by law.

It is worth noting, nonetheless, that the aromas and flavours of the coffee tend to degrade pretty soon after the roasting.

This is mainly due to the fact that the roasted coffee releases natural aromatic oils after the roasting. Once these reach the surface of the bean, they react with the air oxygen and start to become acidic. The more dark the roast is, the more quickly the oils will surface, and the quicker the coffee should be consumed. 

Also, ground coffee tend to degrade more quickly than whole beans, as the air exposed surface is greater.

Finally, while our sealed bags stay unopened, the degradation slows down as typically a inert carbon dioxide atmosfere is naturally generated by the freshly roasted coffee.

We suggest that you drink your coffee within 4 weeks of the roast date to ensure you will have the best drinking experience possible. Please keep the coffee sealed in an air tight container and in a cold environment to maximise its shelf life.

What is the best way to store your coffee?

Please store your coffee in an airtight container in a cool dark place. A good choice would be keeping it in its resealable bag (closed).

How do you pack your coffees?

Each Nero Scuro coffee batch is sealed immediately after roasting to preserve freshness and aroma.

We use only bags with unidirectional valves, which allow natural degassing to occur in order to maintain the integrity of the bean and the balance of the flavour profile over time. The degassing valve contributes in fact to create a natural protected atmosfere inside the bag that preserve the coffee, as the carbon dioxide, naturally generated by the coffee after roasting, is an inert gas heavier than the air, which is therefore pushed out of the bag.

Our 250gr bags are also resealable for better convenience and they are the best place to keep your coffee. The 1kg bag is not resealable. All our bags are high-quality, USA-made food usage approved bags.

2. Roasting and Grinding

Can you grind the coffee for me?

Of course we can! Just choose the grind option which best suits your preferences.

How much coffee do you roast in each batch?

We have a small, last generation Probat roasting machine that can roast up to 5kg per roasting cycle.

We however never roast more than 4kg per batch and typically we roast 2kg batches as we feel that is the best way to control the temperature profile and accuracy of each batch. We decided to focus on quality rather than on volumes.

Given the small size of our machine, we do not need to stock roasted coffee and we can roast upon the reception of the orders.

When do you roast?

We roast on Saturdays. This is a general schedule and it may be modified without advice depending on the actual workload.

If your order is time sensitive and you want to ensure your coffee arrives by a specific date, please contact us at sales@neroscurocoffee.com and we will help determine the best shipping options available.

3. Shipping

Do you accept returns?

We do not accept returns on coffee due to the perishable nature of coffee.

When do you ship?

We ship on Mondays. This is a general schedule and it may be modified without advice depending on the actual workload. We ensure to ship the coffee within 2 working days after the coffee has been roasted.

Where do you ship?

We ship to Italy and EU countries. We also ship to other selected countries outside Europe.

The countries where we ship to, along with the shipping rates, will appear during the checkout process. Please refer to this page for all the details on Nero Scuro shipping rates and policies.

Specialty coffees roasted to order in Italy and shipped for free to Italy (orders of 3+ bags)  •   info@neroscurocoffee.com  •   We ship worldwide!