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Domingo Lopez, Finca El Pajal - Huehuetenango


Guatemala Espresso e Moka

Domingo Lopez, Finca El Pajal - Huehuetenango

Dalle alture di Huehuetenango, la piantagione El Pajal di Domingo Lopez ha preparato questo microlotto unico, con note di amarena, vaniglia, pera e caramello. Perfetto per espresso o moka.

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Domingo Lopez owns 8 hectares of land situated in San Antonio Huista, Huehuetenango.

Renowned for cultivating some of the finest coffees in Guatemala, Huehuetenango holds a prestigious position. Positioned in the northern highlands of the country, the elevated terrain and favorable climate contribute to the production of distinctly regional coffees known for their exceptional quality. Huehuetenango coffees are characterized by a well-rounded flavor profile, skillfully harmonizing bitterness, sourness, and sweetness. This balance is achieved through a delightful interplay of chocolate notes and fruity undertones, making these coffees truly stand out.

Domingo’s farm, El Pajal, is positioned at an elevation of 1,920 meters and is planted with a mix of Caturra, Catuai, and Bourbon varieties. Despite the growing popularity of the Catimor hybrid, Domingo maintains his commitment to pure Arabica cultivation. He values the superior cup quality and the resistance to rust that his plants exhibit, thanks to his meticulous farming methods.

El Pajal holds organic certification, reflecting Domingo's deep respect for the environment and his dedication to sustainable coffee production. His focus extends beyond coffee, as he carefully selects other food crops to cultivate alongside coffee, emphasizing input-free farming practices.

The processing of this batch follows the washed method. Hand-harvested coffee cherries are transported to a washing station, where the cherries undergo a thorough cleaning process. The pulp is then removed by a machine, followed by a washing stage to eliminate the slimy layer on the cherries. Subsequently, the washed coffee cherries undergo a meticulous drying process, during which they are regularly turned to ensure uniform drying and achieve the desired moisture level.

In the cup: sour cherry, vanilla, pear, caramel. Ideal as espresso or moka pot.

Minimum resting period: 10 days from roast date.

Finca El Paja
1920 m s.l.m.
Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon
Completamente lavato, asciugato su patio
Per espresso e moka
Note sensoriali
Amarena, vaniglia, pera e caramello

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