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Finca El Diviso Sidra Natural Anaerobic 180H - Huila


Colombia Filtro

Finca El Diviso Sidra Natural Anaerobic 180H - Huila

El Diviso Sidra Natural Anaerobic is back! An impressive lot for complexity, diversity, and outstanding balance, with notes of dark cherry, tropical fruits, peach, and a hint of rose petals, with a pleasant yogurt acidity.

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El Diviso Sidra Natural Anaerobic is back!

This Sidra lot impressed us once again with its complexity, diversity and great balance, which would make it perfect for a championship.

The El Diviso farm, owned by Vidal Hernando Vallejo Arenas, is located in Huila at 1850m asl, in the area called Buenos Aires. He runs the farm with his family, wife Oliva Ramirez and 3 sons, William, Sergio and Dario, who already work in the coffee business, they will be the next generation of coffee producers in Colombia.

Lately their coffee has had tremendous improvements, they have learned techniques and processes to better handle the production of coffee at their plantations and facilities, enabling them to have a more profitable operation, more respectful use of natural resources, and most importantly, obtaining a super high-quality coffee.

“I am passionate about coffee and about birds. For this reason, in my plantations it is forbidden to hunt, burn and cut trees” Vidal Hernando says. “We are strict about the use of agrochemicals, so we take good care and protect the environment.”

He bought this farm almost 30 years ago with his wife, and he has been married for 40 years. The farm has provided them with resources to raise a family and now one of their sons works closely with him.

Today, with a lot of effort and hard work they have 12.000 coffee trees, that grow under native shade provided by the trees on the farm.

The picking of the cherries is done by hand by the family, depulping is done daily during the harvesting months.

This lot has been fermented for 180 hours without water in closed barrels (anaerobically), the CO2 can escape but no oxygen can penetrate. It is then washed with very clean water and then sun dried for 20 days, till the desired level of moisture is reached.

The wife, Oliva, is the one in charge of the drying process, to make sure the coffee dries properly by continuing turning it.


Originally created on a large Ecuadorian research farm, Sidra, was created by manually crossing Red Bourbon and Typica plants. Unlike many modern hybrids, it was crossed with the sole aim of creating a high-quality cup profile, with both the heavy sweet character of Bourbon, and the floral traits of Typica. This varietal was offered for free to the farmers in the region in exchange for feedback, causing a surge in popularity within Ecuador initially, but soon also in neighbouring Colombia. The plant has physical characteristics very similar to Sudan Rume and produces well in the warm and humid climate. It has become increasingly popular in the last years, as it is frequently used in international coffee competitions, especially in the brewers cup.


In the cup: dark cherry, tropical fruits (such as mango), peach, hint of rose petals, with a pleasant yogurt acidity. The creamy texture and silky mouthfeel complete the experience and leave you wanting more.


Resting period: at least 10 days for filter roast.

Buenos Aires - Huila
Finca El Diviso - Vidal Hernando Vallejo Arenas
1850 m s.l.m.
180h anaerobic fermentation, washed, dried on raised beds
For filter
Note sensoriali
Dark cherry, tropical fruits such as mango, peach, hint of rose petals, with a pleasant yogurt acidity

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