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Espresso Blend

Winter Blend - OUT OF SEASON


Espresso Blend Espresso e Moka

Winter Blend - OUT OF SEASON

An in-season blend to be sipped in front of the fireplace also within milk-based drinks

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Winter times are always special with falling snow, warm fireplaces, great dinners and intense flavors.

To celebrate this winter season, we've created the Winter Blend, a blend crafted to be extracted as espresso and perfectly suited towards milk coffees, such as cappuccino, latte, macchiato, and more.

The Winter Blend is composed of two of our in-season finest coffee.

The Brazil Valdemar Amaro Milano lot #26, a micro-lot naturally processed by a small Fazenda in the Chapado Mineiro. Full-bodied with notes of cocoa and milk chocolate, moderate acidity and a sweet finish, it is an evergreen when extracted as espresso.

The Ethiopia Kayo Natural is a specialty coffee coming from Shakisho, Guji, Oromia region and has been processed according to a natural process at the Kayon Mountain Farm in Taro, a private farm which handpicks and processes cherries from their own Ethiopian Heirloom-cultivated 200 hectares plantation.

When blended in the right proportions and roasted with a gentle and respectful profile, strictly in batches of no more than four kilograms, the cup result is simply remarkable.

The body is full and the Brazil's chocolaty and nutty flavors blend perfectly with the fruity sweetness of Ethiopia, which also adds floral and currant notes.

This coffee is great alone and greater in milk drinks, where it is clearly perceptible, especially in its sweetest components, and gives a very special cup.

Brazil (70%)
Colombia (30%)
Brazil: Valdemar Amaro Milano, Cerrado Mineiro
Ethiopia: Kayo Lot
1 Natural, Kayon Mountain Farm, Shakiso, Guji
Medium, crafted for espresso and moka pot
Note sensoriali
Chocolate, hazelnut, peach, floral, currant

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