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El Salvador

Finca El Cerro Pacas Dry Fermentation - Apaneca Llamatepec


El Salvador Filtro

Finca El Cerro Pacas Dry Fermentation - Apaneca Llamatepec

Explore legacy of Finca el Cerro's coffee, grown in El Salvador's renowned Apaneca Ilamatepec highlands for over 150 years, with their Pacas variety offering unique notes of blackberry, tropical fruits, and creamy nougat.

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Finca el Cerro is the heritage of 5 generations of Salvadorean coffee producers. Coffee growing has been in their family for over 150 years.

The Finca is located in the eastern highlands of El Salvador, in the world-renowned coffee-growing region of Apaneca Ilamatepec, at 1500 m asl, surrounded by indigenous forest, which provides an ideal microclimate for growing high-quality coffee.

The owner of the Finca is Fernando Leto Escobar, who grew up on the family-owned coffee farm. Eight years ago, the farm responsibilities were handed over to him when his dad Don Fernando Sr. passed away.

Since 2016 they have processed their coffee in their own small eco-friendly coffee mill and now, they are vertically integrated in producing, milling, and exporting.

They use farming methods that are friendly to the environment, and they have areas that will soon be totally organic. Another objective of the farm is the production of coffees of the highest possible quality.  

They do several processes: washed, natural and honey, and also, in the last few years, they have been experimenting with different varietals, by selecting the best seeds of the varieties that have given the best results in the cup.

This lot is 100% composed of pacas variety, which is a natural mutation of Bourbon.

The process:

Only ripe and selected cherries are harvested.  Then, this coffee undergoes a dry fermentation process in which the cherries are being dried in a tank in the shade for the first 48H, before being placed in the sun on African raised beds for 30 days.

In the cup: Blackberry, nougat, tropical fruits, candy sweetness. Creamy body, with a long and sweet aftertaste. 


Resting period: at least 5 days for filter roast.

El Salvador
Apaneca Llamatepec
Finca El Cerro
1500 m s.l.m.
48h dry fermentation in tanks, dried on raised beds for 30 days
Two profiles available:
For espresso & moka pot
For filter
Note sensoriali
Blackberry, nougat, tropical fruits, candy sweetness

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