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Antica Dimora single-table restaurant: a great customer of ours.

Antica Dimora single-table restaurant: a great customer of ours.

We are always proud to read positive reviews of coffee shops and restaurants that serve Nero Scuro coffees. We just come across one on laVINIum.com we would like to share with you.

Mauro Carrazza's Antica Dimora restaurant is an extreme-quality, single-table, reservation-required restaurant in Capranica, about an hour by car from Rome.

From the review: “It’s a pleasure to watch [Mauro] preparing the dishes, it does it with skill and almost noiselessly. He cooks strictly in the crock: only with this material you can cook a soup for over three hours, enhancing the flavours.”

Mauro serves our single origin coffees extracted with the Italian classic Moka Pot.

“Mauro found a small manufacturer selling only fine single variety packs from Burundi, Colombia, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Kenya and Mexico. We got a Burundi, really good and not at all bitter, so much so that we did not feel the need to add sugar.”

Read more about Mauro Carrazza’s Antica Dimora restaurant on laVINIum.com

Mauro Carrazza using Nero Scuro Specialty Coffees

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