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Unexpected aromas in this new microlot from El Salvador

Unexpected aromas in this new microlot from El Salvador

We just finished to roast profile a new microlot from El Salvador, which is now available on our webshop.

The Finca Don Jaime is located in the Chalatenango region, north-west of El Salvador, at an altitude of about 1600m a. The finca is extended over only seven hectares: of which three are grown at Pacas and four at Pacamara.

The exclusive single-origin microlot that Nero Scuro has obtained and roasted for you is composed only of selected Pacas beans, a natural mutation of Bourbon, appeared at the end of the '40s right in El Salvador.

The microlot has been processed by removing the skin but leaving all the pulp on the bean (honey pulped process), fermented for 18 hours and finally dried for two weeks.

In the cup this coffee is very rich and sweet. We tasted notes of raisins, lemon zest, cherry and tropical fruits. This El Salvador is very special and unique. We love it as it departs from the most classic flavors of this single origin, which usually recalls the conventional roasted peanuts.

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Rwanda Kamiro Nyamagabe

Rwanda Kamiro Nyamagabe

Last, but not least, among the African specialty coffees we have been presenting you during this year, there is a new addition: the Rwanda Kamiro from Motherland Farmers’ washing station.

The washing station and the connected growers are located in an area characterized by ideal conditions for growing coffee at an altitude of 1700-2000 masl. There are about 1,000 farmers in the community that Motherland Farmers is supporting by providing organic fertilizers and education to foster a sustainable development and make the coffee production more profitable.

The coffee roasted by Nero Scuro offers cup notes of apricot, date, chestnut honey, floral and spices. Light roasted, it has a soft body and medium acidity.

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