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  • New Latte Trends 2018 - Updated
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New Latte Trends 2018 - Updated

New Latte Trends 2018 - Updated

Good morning peeps! What’s your favourite milk based drink?

Are you still asking for a flat white? That’s so 2016!

You may be interested in knowing that there are many new fashionable milk based drinks.

So let’s have a look at some new latte trends, most of them from Downunder, some of them look good, others …mmm… not too sure.

Fruit&Veggie Lattes.

Avolatte. A cafe in Melbourne, the Truman Cafe in Albert Park, has taken the smashed avo obsession and coffee culture to new levels, creating the 'avolatte'. It's a latte served inside a scooped-out avocado skin and topped off with an artful froth design, of course, and it was pioneered by an Australian café that actually intended to make a satirical point by doubling down on the two millennial-favorite foods. But people are buying in.



Carrot-cino. At Local's Corner in Seaforth, Australia, you can now get your espresso fix in a hollowed out carrot. The carrot shot is a surefire way to get your daily dose of vitamins and energy. Plus, the tiny cup is edible, meaning there's less dish cleanup or to-go cup waste.

Surfing the net you can also find Apple Latte, Orange Latte etc.



    Piefee (Pie and coffee). It's made using a sweet, biscuity pastry which is lined with chocolate and filled with searing hot espresso and topped off with velvety milk. You can try at The Tasteful Bakehouse on Auckland's Karangahape Road.



    Coffe-in-a-cone. Created by Grind Coffee Company in Johannesburg, South Africa. The object in question is basically coffee served in an ice cream cone coated with chocolate. It’s not a low calories drink for sure.



    Healthy&Caffeine Free Lattes.

      Charcoal latte, beetroot latte, lavender latte and other new lattes. In Melbourne, Matcha Mylkbar has 10 super-food lattes, from traditional matcha to a "smurf latte" (blue algae), "carrot cake latte" and "purple peanut butter latte" (using purple sweet potato). They thought why not offer all the colours of the rainbow and expand into more amazing super-foods people could benefit from? For instance, the peanut sweet potato latte is a mix of high protein and high vitamin A and C - it's got amazingly high antioxidant levels.



      Tumeric Latte or Golden Milk. Served in cafes all over the world, turmeric latte or 'golden milk' has been gaining in popularity. According to a report in The Guardian, turmeric latte is more in demand than regular lattes in Oxford, UK. Made with juiced raw turmeric and foamed almond milk. You can add pepper, almonds, cinnamon powder or ginger. It’s said to be the perfect anti-inflammatory meal.



      3D Lattes.

        The latest coffee trend taking Instagram by storm is 3D latte art. Are they ridiculous? Yes - surely your coffee will be practically cold by the time the design is finished, but also undeniably cute. The 3D latte art is made with milk froth and decorated with chocolate and colours - a steady hand is also a necessity. It’s thought the trend originated in Japan but it’s now very popular across all Asia.



        Glittery Cappuccinos

        Made with edible glitter, the Gold and Diamond Cappuccino — as it’s officially called —is the creation of Coffee By Di Bella, a chain of coffee shops in Mumbai, India.


        Is there any other big latte trend you can think of? Let me know 😉

        • Silvia

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