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  • A microlot topping in cup score (90!): Ethiopia Warqee ☕
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A microlot topping in cup score (90!): Ethiopia Warqee ☕

A microlot topping in cup score (90!): Ethiopia Warqee ☕

Today we are thrilled to release an outstanding quality Ethiopian coffee that Nero Scuro Specialty Coffees sourced for you. The coffee is immediately available on our online shop.

It comes from the Debo wetmill (Kochere region - Yirgachefe), which collects, sorts and processes cherries from about 750 small producers in the area. Each farmer grows less than 1500 trees with a production of 100 to 200 grams of green coffee per tree. In a few words, a truly rare microlot!

This coffee is a Grade 1 Ethiopian Heirloom. It has been grown and harvested at about 2.000masl and has been processed with a fully washed approach. The SCAA cup score tops to 90!

In the cup we found jasmine and violet, citrus, tangerine, marzipan and green apple acidity. It a delicate and elegant, yet very structured coffee.


Get a bag of this coffee, freshly roasted for you, from our online store.

  • Silvia

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