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Juliette Gesha 90+ - Panama Ninety Plus Gesha Estates - Volcan Baru


Panama Filter

Juliette Gesha 90+ - Panama Ninety Plus Gesha Estates - Volcan Baru

A competition lot from Ninety Plus Gesha Estates in Panama. It is one of the sweetest lots in the Ninety Plus production and scores well above 90 points. In the cup you can feel orange peel, peach, vanilla, crème brûlée, floral.

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Named for its romantic and subtly seductive nature, Juliette is among the sweetest coffees produced by Ninety Plus. And, of course, it's an award-winning lot.

This incredible competition microlot showcases relentlessly innovative producer Ninety Plus Gesha Estates, located on the western slopes of Panama's Barú Volcano, at 1.600-1.700 m asl.

The Ninety Plus Gesha Estates were designed by Joseph Brodsky, who had an opportunity in 2009 to acquire this large property (~200 hectares) and had a vision of reforesting with inspiration drawn from coffee growing wild in its natural habitat in Ethiopia. In fact, the Gesha variety, along with all heirloom coffee varieties, comes from the understory of wild forests in Ethiopia.

This lot has been obtained through a quite secretive temperature-controlled natural fermentation process. This includes multiple dry fermentation steps to give precise direction and control over the fermentation. The cherries are then dried in mucilage.

The variety used is exclusively Gesha.

The result is an explosive coffee that scores well above 90 points on the SCA protocol: a perfect competition coffee suitable also for any coffee lover who wants to try a unique and unforgettable experience.

In the cup: notes of orange peel, peach, vanilla, crème brûlée, and floral. It has an incredible aroma also perceivable from a distance, along with a syrupy body and a lingering aftertaste.


Minimum resting period: 5 days for filter roast.



Coffee: 20g

Water: 300g, T 93-94°C

3 total pours of 100g each in circular motion. Finish at 3:00.

Silla de Pando - Volcan Baru
Ninety Plus Gesha Estates
1500 - 1700 masl
Processing method
Dry fermentation, with proprietary, temperature controlled multiple fermentation steps. Dried in mucilage
For filter
Tasting Notes
Orange peel, peach, vanilla, crème brûlée, floral

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