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Harley Estate Pichia Yeast Maceration Natural - Season's Special 🎄


India Filter Espresso & Moka Pot

Harley Estate Pichia Yeast Maceration Natural - Season's Special 🎄

This year's seasons special comes from an origin which is new to us. It is a special yeast macerated microlot from the Manjarabad region of India, with exceptional notes of cranberry, caramel, black tea, guava.

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OH-OH-OH It's that time of year again 🎄 ☃️

This year we selected an origin which is new to us, this yeast macerated lot from the Manjarabad region of India.

Located in Sakleshpur, the Harley Estate stands at 945 to 1350 m asl. Here, coffee grows interspersed with areca nuts, fig, cocoa, and cardamom, where the rich soil and nearby spring waters provide a lush environment for the coffee plants to blossom. 

The estate was originally established by the British in 1864, and later taken over by the Kutumba family. They currently grow a varietal of the SLN 09 of Arabica beans.

As eco- friendly coffee growers they depend on organic matter to fertilize plants. The water from the pulping station is drained into a large tank and then allowed to evaporate. Sol id waste, skin and mucilage are used in composting.

For the workers there are free living quarters with free electricity and water. Free education for children and medical facilities, maternity benefits, bonus and incentive schemes and leave with wages.

The Pichia yeast fermentation coffee from Harley Estate is produced by a family of fifth-generation Indian coffee farmers. It results from careful cultivation practices and a modern preparation approach, it’s a natural processed coffee with the addition of Pichia yeast fermentation.

After the coffee cherries are handpicked, they are washed and macerated overnight in tanks with the addition of unique Pichia yeast strains to break down the chemical compounds in the cherries, developing a unique flavor profile.

Once fermentation is complete, the coffee cherries are moved to raised drying beds and are prepared using a more traditional natural process at a controlled temperature of 38°C.

This controlled fermentation and drying process gives this coffee a delicious and complex fruity flavor.

SLN 09 varietal: Selection 9 is a derivative of a cross between an Ethiopian Arabica collection, 'Tafarikela', and 'Hybrido-de-Timor'. Sln.9 has inherited all the superior cup quality traits of Tafarikela. This variety has won the Fine Cup Award for best Arabica at the ‘Flavour of India - Cupping Competition 2002’ organised by Coffee Board of India.

In the cup: Cranberry, caramel, black tea, guava. It gives a juicy cup with a good body and long sweet afterstate.


*** Minimum resting period: 10 days espresso / 7 days filter from roasting date***

Harley Estate
1350m masl
Processing method
Pichia yeast maceration, dried on raised beds
Two profiles available:
For espresso & moka pot
For filter
Tasting Notes
Cranberry, caramel, black tea, guava

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