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El Salvador

Las Cruces Anaerobic Honey - Apaneca


El Salvador Filter Espresso & Moka Pot

Las Cruces Anaerobic Honey - Apaneca

Discover the exceptional Salaverria microlot coffee, a masterpiece from El Salvador's Apaneca-Ilamatepec region. Experience its unique Anaerobic Honey process and savor the intricate blend of tropical fruits, chocolate, and mulled wine notes. A sensory journey awaits!

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We're excited to present another intriguing Salaverria experimental lot!

This marks the debut microlot we showcase this year from the Salaverria family's coffee farms, spanning six generations of expertise. Their commitment to cultivating high-quality micro-lots is evident in the exclusive focus on excellence across their farms in the Apaneca-Llamatepec region of El Salvador.

Apaneca-Ilamatepec constitutes a volcanic mountain range in El Salvador, featuring the active Ilamatepec volcano. This region stands as the premier coffee-growing area in the country, comprising 37 districts, over 9,740 families, and encompassing 70,881 hectares of land. Impressively, it contributes to 53% of the total coffee production in El Salvador.

Andrés Salaverría's passion for coffee cultivation dates back to his childhood. With a family legacy spanning over a century in the coffee industry and holdings in various regions of El Salvador, he has actively participated in the family business for 11 years. Having earned a master's degree in coffee economics in Italy, he returned to El Salvador in 2011, concentrating on the commercial, industrial, and administrative facets of the coffee farms. The family's commitment to diversifying products and embracing innovative processes remains steadfast.

Their overarching goal has consistently been product diversification, coupled with a commitment to staying abreast of emerging trends in coffee production processes. This entails drawing inspiration from other coffee-producing nations and implementing these advancements in their cherished homeland of El Salvador.

The coffees harvested from various farms undergo processing at their central mill, known as the beneficio. In 2004, they acquired Las Cruces which is where they mill, process and export all their coffees. 

Anaerobic Honey process:

The cherries are 100% bourbon verietal. The anaerobic process commences right after the ripe cherries are harvested. Upon reaching the processing station, the whole cherries undergo dry fermentation in barrels without water for a duration of around 150 hours. Following this, the skin is removed, and the beans, still coated with mucilage, are transferred to raised drying beds for 15-20 days. Initially, the beans are left untouched for the first few days to encourage the development of rich flavors. Subsequently, daily turning is introduced.

In comparison to the anaerobic natural process, we observe that this honey processed lot tends to be slightly cleaner, exhibiting more complexity in its flavor profile.


In the cup: super complex and perfumy.

Aroma: tropical fruits, chocolate, cotton candy.

Tasting notes: mulled wine, tropical fruits, apricot, nougat, grape fruit. Amazingly long aftertaste! Vibrant and complex acidity, silky body.

 Resting period: at least 7 days for filter roast.

El Salvador
Andres Salaverria
1500 masl
Processing method
Anaerobic honey, dried on raised beds
Two profiles available:
For espresso & moka pot
For filter
Tasting Notes
Mulled wine, tropical fruits, apricot, nougat, grape fruit

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