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Fazenda das Almas Natural Anaerobic - Minas Gerais


Brazil Filter

Fazenda das Almas Natural Anaerobic - Minas Gerais

A specialty microlot from Brazil prepared with an anaerobic process and slowly dried at controlled temperature. With its notes of blueberry, fig, dark chocolate, and dates sweetness, it is perfect as filer or espresso.

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It was in 1942 that the Muniz family began their activities in coffee cultivation at Fazenda Das Almas (Farm of the Souls). Until 1965, there was no electricity on the farm, and the coffee beans were processed using steam-powered machines. The name "Almas" was obtained because it was the first area settled by Portuguese immigrants from the Azores region. They believed that conducting their religious ceremonies in the higher areas of the region would bring them closer to the souls.

The love for coffee led the subsequent generations to continue the process of continuous improvement in production. Today, the farm is managed by the third generation, completing 74 harvests under the responsibility of the Muniz family. Throughout this period, the farm has undergone significant changes and evolution, always embracing innovations of each era, such as the use of mineral fertilizers, soil correction, herbicides, electricity, vehicles, tractors, mowers, and semi-manual coffee bean strippers. It has managed to increase productivity, improve product quality, establish its own brand, and obtain three certifications: UTZ and BSCA in 2004, and RAS in 2009. Today, it has customers who understand the work philosophy, resulting in a relationship based on trust, loyalty, and mutual benefit.

Fazenda das Almas is located in Cabo Verde, in the mountains of southern Minas Gerais, a region with a microclimate highly favorable to the development and quality of Arabica coffee. The topography of the farm does not allow for mechanized cultural practices, which favors the social aspect. The farm cultivates 102 hectares of coffee, at altitudes ranging from 950 to 1050 meters. Coffee beans have been processed since 1992, and the farm has a well-designed infrastructure with the capacity to meet processing demands during the peak harvest season. The coffee cherries are hand-picked, and the fruits are separated daily according to their ripeness stage: cherry, raisin, dry, or green. They are then carefully prepared and processed separately in drying, hulling, and rehulling. The farm produces both washed and natural coffee, which offers an excellent balance between bitterness, sweetness, body, and a desirable acidity characteristic of the farm.

Adriano Muniz, along with his sons Thiago and Matheus, produces this specific lot consisting solely of yellow Icatu beans.

During the harvest, a high percentage of ripe cherries is selected, with minimal inclusion of green fruits (less than 5%). The cherries are then separated by density using a washer, ensuring maximum uniformity within the lot. Following this step, the processed coffee is placed in sanitized and hermetically sealed boxes. To maintain an anaerobic environment and prevent oxygen from entering, an air lock device is utilized to release gases generated during fermentation. The beans undergo anaerobic fermentation for approximately 69 hours. After fermentation, they are carefully unloaded and subjected to a slow drying process to preserve the beans' integrity. Throughout the drying process, various parameters such as temperature are closely monitored and controlled to achieve an optimal outcome.

This meticulous process guarantees the quality and unique characteristics of the coffee in this lot.

In the cup: Blueberry, fig, dark chocolate, dates sweetness. Creamy body.


Minimum resting period: 7 days for filter roast.

Cabo Verde - Minas Gerais
Fazenda das Almas
950 - 1050 masl
Yellow Icatu
Processing method
Anaerobic natural, slow dry at controlled temperature
Two profiles available:
For espresso & moka pot
For filter
Tasting Notes
Blueberry, fig, dark chocolate, dates sweetness. Creamy body.

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