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Dulce Misterio Farm, Pink Bourbon Anaerobic Washed - Caldas


Colombia Filter

Dulce Misterio Farm, Pink Bourbon Anaerobic Washed - Caldas

Mauricio Duque's Dulce Misterio offers sustainably grown, meticulously processed Colombian coffee with notes of hibiscus, mandarine, and blackberry, ensuring exceptional sweetness and complexity.

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Mauricio Duque, formerly ran a conventional coffee exporting company. However, in 2020, his business succumbed to the pandemic, leaving him with a valuable commodity: time. With a lifelong aspiration to produce top-quality Colombian specialty coffee, he seized the opportunity. His vision emphasized sustainability and natural methods, a commitment evident in his meticulous processing and crop management.

Already in 2016, Mauricio had embarked on a search for the ideal farm, prioritizing specific soil attributes and elevation. His quest concluded in 2019 with the purchase of a farm near Neira (Caldas) that exceeded expectations, inspiring the name of his venture: Dulce Misterio (Sweet Mystery). Spanning 13 hectares exclusively dedicated to coffee, the farm's elevation ranges from 1850m to 2040m. Mauricio attributes the exceptional sweetness of his crops to the unique soil composition of the mountain, a claim supported by the elevated Brix Degrees observed in oranges, sugar cane, and other fruits. Historical data analysis of competitions in Caldas guided his choice, confirming Neira as the optimal location due to its favorable soil, altitude, and proximity to his residence.

He is a firm believer in clean and simple coffee processing, emphasizing that processing should enhance the attributes, the terroir.

Process:  Anaerobic washed.

Only coffee at its peak ripeness is harvested, a task entrusted to a select group of growers trained in meticulous picking techniques. These growers receive fixed compensation irrespective of their daily yield, eliminating pressure to harvest large volumes and ensuring the exclusion of unripe cherries. The harvested coffee undergoes manual sorting to remove under and overripe cherries before undergoing flotation/washing to eliminate impurities and low-quality beans. Subsequently, the cherries undergo a 48-hour fermentation in closed plastic tanks equipped with specialized valves to release excess gas pressure. Following fermentation, the coffee is pulped with minimal water to preserve the mucilage, then returned to the fermentation tanks for an additional 48-hour mucilage fermentation. After a single wash, the coffee is transferred to the drying station, where it is dried on African beds within a parabolic drier. Temperature must remain below 38 C°. To lower the temperature, they can open the sides of the parabolic drier. Each lot is dried separately, with meticulous labeling ensuring precise control over the process and facilitating decisions regarding blending.

This rigorous process continues until the coffee reaches its target moisture content of 10-10.5%.

In the cup: an amazingly complex coffee. With notes of hibiscus, mandarine and blackberry, with a crisp sweet acidity.

Resting period: at least 5 days for filter roast.

Caldas - Antioquia
Dulce Misterio Farm
1850 - 2040 masl
Pink Bourbon
Processing method
Anaerobic washed, dried on african beds within parabolic drier
Two profiles available:
For espresso & moka pot
For filter
Tasting Notes
Hibiscus, mandarine, blackberry

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