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Tej 4-Day Anaerobic Fermentation, Daye Bensa - Shantawene Buncho


Ethiopia Filter

Tej 4-Day Anaerobic Fermentation, Daye Bensa - Shantawene Buncho

Experience the unique taste of Daye Bensa's Ethiopian coffee, nurtured in the fertile highlands of Sidama. This exceptional microlot, enhanced through innovative Tej-fermentation, showcases a symphony of cherry and gianduja with subtle hints of tropical fruits and white wine. With rich heritage and meticulous process behind each cup, it is characterized by its vibrant, floral essence - a true reflection of the Sidamo region's renowned coffee-growing tradition.

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This is the second lot of the year from Daye Bensa, and it's unique!

Daye Bensa, founded by brothers Asefa and Mulugeta Dukamo, takes its name from the town 'Daye' and its region 'Bensa,' where the brothers grew up. Asefa constructed his first washing station in 1997 and set up another two the following year.  Asefa’s younger brother, Mulugeta Dukamo, co-founded Daye Bensa and played a key role in the expansion of the washing stations. Surrounded by lush vegetation and century-old trees providing shade, the farm and drying station thrive in a natural setting.

Coffee holds a significant place in the family history, as Asefa and Mulugeta's father had been a coffee producer for many years. However, facing challenges in earning a substantial income locally, Asefa decided to transport his father's coffee to villages offering higher prices. Soon, he extended this service to other coffee farmers, transporting their produce to lucrative markets.

Asefa's efforts proved fruitful, allowing him to accumulate sufficient funds to purchase his first truck for cherry transportation, marking the inception of Daye Bensa. Over time, the brothers have expanded their enterprise to encompass 71 washing stations, 11 dry mills, and 4 proprietary farms. Asefa's son, Kenean, now represents the company, having returned from the United States to contribute primarily to quality enhancement and promoting the value of Ethiopian coffee.

Daye Bensa has evolved into one of Ethiopia's most successful export companies, distinguishing itself through a commitment to quality and substantial investments in the local communities and regions where their coffees are cultivated.

The Sidama region boasts an ideal climate for cultivating high-quality coffee, thanks to its fertile soils and elevated altitudes. However, producers in this area grapple with various challenges, such as limited access to essential resources like electricity, water, telecommunication, and proper roads. Additionally, farmers often lack exposure to optimal coffee farming practices. In response to these issues, Daye Bensa has undertaken proactive measures through their 'Back to the Community' projects. These initiatives focus on addressing challenges by constructing connecting roads between villages, installing electricity transformers, and providing farmers with training on coffee plantation techniques and improved agricultural practices.

Shantawene Buncho is a station situated next to Gatta Farm and a captivating waterfall. It acquires coffee from both the farm and local growers, processing red cherries through various traditional methods (such as Washed, Honey, Natural), and Experimental Anaerobic Processing. 

Tej Fermentation involves fermenting red cherries in a controlled setting using a local beverage known as Tej, a honey wine, brewed and enjoyed in Ethiopia. Typically containing 7 to 11% alcohol, Tej is crafted at home and comprises three primary ingredients: honey, water, and a medicinal shrub called Rhamnus prinoides, commonly known as Gesho.

In this lot, an experimental fermentation has been employed to produce a unique and tropical fruit-forward interpretation of the inherently sweet and rich terroir flavors.

Once selected and sorted by ripeness, red cherries are placed in fermentation barrels, where Tej is added in the desired quantity and sealed for a specified period (in this case, 4 days). After achieving the desired fermentation, the cherries are moved to African beds for uniform drying in a carefully monitored environment. The resulting cupping profile features a creamy and fruity coffee with remarkably intense and complex flavors attributed to the fermentation agent and the coffee's origin. The aftertaste is exceptionally soft, pleasant, and enduring.

In the cup: notes of cherry, gianduja, tropical fruits, white wine. A complex profile, while retaining the vibrant and floral characteristics typically associated with Sidamo coffees.


Minimum resting period: 7 days for filter roast.

Shantawene, Sidamo
Daye Bensa
2100 - 2200 masl
Ethipian Heirloom
Processing method
96h anaerobic fermentation in Tej (water, honey, rhamnus prinoides shrub), naturally dried on African beds
For filter
Tasting Notes
Cherry, pineapple, papaya, hazelnut cream. Long aftertaste, intense, winey, and balanced

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