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Shantawene Buncho Washed - Sidama


Ethiopia Filter Espresso & Moka Pot

Shantawene Buncho Washed - Sidama

Shantawene Buncho is an exceptional microlot that supports local farmers and communities, embodying quality and sustainability. Produced by Daye Bensa Coffee, it stands out in Ethiopia's Sidama region for a cup with notes of nectarine, mandarin, honey, and a hint of jasmine.

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Shantawene Buncho is a washing station adjacent to Gatta Farm and a mesmerizing waterfall in Sidama region, Ethiopia. It sources cherries from local small farmers. Founded by Asefa Dukamo and Mulugeta Dukamo, this station operates under their company, Daye Bensa Coffee. Besides managing their own Daye Bensa Farm, the company owns 16 washing stations and 4 dry mills across the Bensa, Aroressa, and Chire districts of Sidama.

The farm has its own washing and hulling station and processes 96k kilograms of coffee annually.

When farmers deliver their cherries to the washing stations, the cherries are weighed, evaluated, and the farmers are compensated. The cherries are then processed using various methods, including washed, natural, or anaerobic natural. Each station features a Panagos Eco-Friendly depulper, washing areas, and fermentation tanks. The slopes are lined with long bamboo tables, which are constructed and reconstructed each harvest season for drying the coffee. Dedicated workers maintain the coffee quality by regularly turning the drying beans.

In addition to an immediate cash payment, Daye Bensa provides a second payment as a bonus after the coffee is sold. They also support farmers through community projects, including an initiative to build five schools in underserved areas. Daye Bensa funded $1 million for the project, which was completed in July 2023. These fully equipped schools can accommodate over 1,400 students, offering a better education and reducing the need for students to travel long distances to attend school.


By supporting the farmers and communities, they work with and producing high-quality coffee, Daye Bensa is contributing to a brighter future for coffee in Sidama. This commitment paid off in 2020 when, during Ethiopia's Cup of Excellence competition, Daye Bensa’s Shantawene lot won seventh place.


The cherries are handpicked and floated. They are then left to soak in water for pre-fermentation for 72 to 95 hours, afterwards de-pulped before washing. After washing, the coffee is laid to dry on African beds for 8 to 12 days. During this phase, the parchment coffee is regularly moved and rotated to ensure a uniform drying process.


In the cup: Nectarine, mandarine, honey, hint of jasmine. A coffee with soft citric acidity, a smooth and long lasting fruity and sugary aftertaste.


Minimum resting period: 10 days from the roast date for espresso roast, 5 days for filter roast.

Buncho - Asefa Dukamo and Mulugeta Dukamo
2120 - 2210 masl
Ethiopian Heirloom
Processing method
Fully washed, dried on raised beds
Two profiles available:
For espresso & moka pot
For filter
Tasting Notes
Nectarine, mandarine, honey, hint of jasmine

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