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Rocky Mountain Anaerobic "Chamaleon" Green Tip Geisha - Finca Hartmann, Panama


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Rocky Mountain Anaerobic "Chamaleon" Green Tip Geisha - Finca Hartmann, Panama

A competition Geen Tip Geisha Lot: passion fruit, mandarin, rose, whiskey with a pleasant lactic acidity

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The Hartmann family is a mainstay of the specialty coffee production in Panama. Their story begins with Alois Strasil Hartmann, born in 1891 in the Moravian region. Alois arrived in Panama in 1912 searching for new adventures. Instead of staying in Panama City, he followed the telegraph road up to Volcan where he bought 500 hectares for stock breeding from the Panamanian government. Later he passed 100 hectares to one of his sons, Ratibor Hartmann, who then transformed it into the Finca Hartmann coffee farm.

Today, Finca Hartmann is still a family business - each member of the family is passionately involved and actively works for the company. The finca consists of several smaller plots, all located between 1,300 and 2,000 meters above sea level along with 100 hectares of rain forest bordering the Parque Nacional de La Amistad. One of these plots is Rocky Mountain. It personally belongs to one of the Hartmann brothers, Allan. He is responsible for Finca Hartmann’s processing plants and has personally purchased the Rocky Mountain plot in 2007. Since then he has planted it exclusively with various types of Geisha, grown under the forest shade.

This competition micro-lot from Rocky Mountain is composed of pure Green Tip Geisha varietal only, collected at an altitude of about 1850m asl. It has been named “Chamaeleon”.

The microlot was anaerobically fermented. This is a controlled fermentation in which the bacteria act in an air-free environment, a common practice used in other industries, eg. wines, but new to coffee processing. The cherries are placed, immediately after they have been picked, in a sealed steel tank and fermented in an oxygen-free environment for eight days. The beans are then dried on African beds until they reach 14% residual moisture in about 12 days, then placed in dryers until they reach a residual humidity of about 11.50% in about six days.

Roasted strictly to order in batches of 300g in our smallest drum roaster and packed immediately, this coffee has powerful and remarkable aromatic notes, with a cupping score of more than 90 points. You will easily recognize passion fruit, mandarin, rose, whiskey, with a pleasant lactic acidity. It is exceptional in filter extraction, and we crafted a unique profile to accentuate its aromatic notes.

Santa Clara, Volcan area - Chiriquí Province
Finca Hartmann - Rocky Mountain Plot
1830 masl
Green Tip Geisha
Processing method
8-day anaerobic fermentation, dried on raised beds and driers
Light, crafted for filter extractions
Tasting Notes
Passion fruit, mandarin, rose, whiskey

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