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Ninety Plus Perci Gesha Anaerobic Multistep Fermentation - Panama


Panama Filter

Ninety Plus Perci Gesha Anaerobic Multistep Fermentation - Panama

An explosive competition Gesha from Ninety Plus Gesha Estates in Panama, with incredible complexity and multilayered notes

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The name Perci is derived from the word "perspective": it is meant to represent an entirely new perspective on coffee production, one that breaks entirely from industry traditions.

This incredible competition microlot, in fact, showcases the perspective of the relentlessly innovating producer Ninety Plus Gesha Estates, located on the slopes of Volcan Baru in Panama.

It has been obtained through a quite secretive natural fermentation process, which includes multiple anaerobic, high-temperature fermentation steps, with the addition of specific yeasts to give precise direction and control over the fermentation. The varietal is exclusively Gesha.

The result is an explosive coffee that scores well above ninety points on the SCA protocol: a perfect competition coffee suitable also for any coffee lover that wants to try a unique and unforgettable experience.

With notes of dark chocolate, sharp cherry, tamarind, dried plum, and the acidity of red wine, this coffee is a sensorial bomb. It has an incredible aroma also perceivable from a distance, a syrupy body and a lingering aftertaste.

The coffee comes freshly roasted to order in a very light roast. To obtain a perfectly balanced cup, a rather rapid extraction is required: we suggest to start with 16.5g of grounds and 240g of water at 90C, for a 1:15 brew ratio.

When using the V60, the coffee should be ground coarser than usual in order to finish the extraction in about 2 minutes, with three to four pours.

Endless extraction possibilities are obviously available: in the 2020 Italian Brewers Cup finale, our Matteo Cecconi extracted this coffee with the Gina ending up on the second place.

Volcan Baru
Ninety Plus Gesha Estates
1700 masl
Processing method
Natural with intermediate multi-staged, yeast-controlled anaerobic fermentation
Light, crafted for filter extractions
Tasting Notes
Dark chocolate, sharp cherry, tamarind, and dried plum

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