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Gesha Mì Finquita Arango Miel Fermentation Lot - Chiriquì


Panama Filter

Gesha Mì Finquita Arango Miel Fermentation Lot - Chiriquì

From a Ratibor Hartmann's farm, this experimental gesha shows outstanding complexity of orange blossom, honey, citrus, berry jam

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Mi Finquita is a project founded by long-term coffee professionals and coffee producers Ratibor Hartmann and his wife Tessie. The project of Mi Finquita was his answer to the growing specialty coffee sector's opportunity and the increasing demand of customers for exceptional lots of coffee. Using their contacts to other coffee producers and smaller farms and their knowledge of coffee production and processing, Ratibor and Tessie process and help produce coffees from a handful of farms and sell them under the name “Mi Finquita,” which means “My small farm.”

The farms are located in Los Pozos, in the Chiriquí Province of Panama, between 1.650- 1.900 meters. The climate is mild tropical, with temperatures as low as 4°C at night and sometimes even frost and ice. The annual averages are 18 °C during the day, 15°C during the morning, and a maximum of 26 ° C in the afternoons during the summer. It is the ideal climate to experiment with designing premium gesha lots with limited production and superb aromatic profiles.

In their coffees' production, they keep in mind the need to differentiate themselves in a market as competitive as the premium specialty coffee market. More than producing coffees, they call it “designing” coffees. The application of science and traditional and innovative fermentation methods resulted in a series of limited specialty coffee lots with exotic flavor profiles. The management of all the farms is done in harmony with the environment, with ecologically friendly products used in minimum quantities and only when necessary.

The proposed batch was obtained by experimenting with natural fermentation.

After being manually selected, the cherries are let dry super slowly on African beds: 10 days on the beds, then 6 days in a dark room, then back outside on African beds down to 14% of humidity. Then back to the darkroom for another 6 days, back outside to dry down to 12%, and finally back to the darkroom for another 6 days.

This super slow and experimental process gives unique traits to this lot. Its intensely floral bouquet gets along very well with its fruit sweetness.

This coffee presents an exceptional complexity in the cup, with notes of orange blossom, honey, citrus, berry jam, with a sweet aftertaste.

Available with a profile crafted for filter extractions.


Minimum resting period: 7 days from roast date.

Los Pozos , Chiriquí
Mi Finquita by Ratibor Hartmann
1650 - 1900 masl
Processing method
Experimental Natural, dried on raised beds
For filter
Tasting Notes
Orange blossom, honey, citrus, berry jam

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