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Magwila Smallholders Cooperative - Mbozi


Tanzania Filter

Magwila Smallholders Cooperative - Mbozi

Excellent for filter or espresso with notes of black currant, raspberry, lavender, grapefruit

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This specialty microlot comes from Magwilla Factory, a washing station in the Mbozi district of Tanzania, on the steep hills of the Mbeya plateau. These highlands have offered increasingly high-quality specialty coffees in recent years.

The washing station is a voluntary organization of small producers aimed at improving the production and marketing of coffee. It is currently composed of 59 farmers who produce around 120 sixty-kilos bags of specialty coffee per year.

In this area, the Kent, a natural mutation of the Typica cultivar, grows. Coffee trees are grown at around 1900m above sea level, and, due to the high altitude, the harvest is carried out later than in the surrounding areas, between July and August.

The coffee is prepared as fully washed with water from the homonymous closeby Magwila pound. The first step is to mechanically remove skin and mucilage from the hand-picked cherries using a depulper.

The parchment is fermented in special tanks for about 12-36 hours, then washed and classified by density in channels with clean water, before being dried on raised beds for about 20 days.

During the drying process, the beans are further selected by hand, to remove any residual defects. They are also continuously turned and covered with plastic sheeting during the central parts of the day and at night.

After the mechanical removal of the parchment from the beans, these are packaged in Grainpro bags, which in turn are placed in jute bags and sent to the Nero Scuro laboratory.

This specialty coffee is reminiscent, to a certain extent, of a Kenyan coffee. In the cup, the notes are of black currant, raspberry, lavender, and grapefruit.

Mbozi district, Mbeya plateau
Washing Station
Magwilla Factory
1796 masl
Processing method
Fully washed, dried on railsed beds
Two profiles available:
Medium, for espresso & moka pot
Light, for filter
Tasting Notes
Black currant, raspberry, lavender, grapefruit

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