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La Colina Farm - Chimaltenango


Guatemala Espresso & Moka Pot

La Colina Farm - Chimaltenango

A perfect espresso from this fully washed Guatemala: notes of peach, almonds, brown sugar, buttery body, citrus finish

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La Colina's name, translated into "The Hill," is inspired by the elevations of land and hills on which the farm sits. The father of Tony Medina, who currently runs the farm, decided to name his farm this way after having inherited the plot from the dad.

The farm has been with the Medina family for three generations, but coffee is somehow a new crop. Tony fulfilled his dream to work with coffee about thirty years ago, after he learned and gained experience from other growers on cultivating it, while producing beans and corn at the farm.

The first coffee tree was planted in 1991. Slowly, but surely, Tony increased the number of trees and the production. After thirty years, Tony can say that his dream has come true: he learned that his perseverance pays off.

Only one-quarter of the farm is used to grow the coffee. The rest, still pristine, is a natural reserve certified by the National Institution of Protection of Forests. Full of ancient cypresses, oaks, and pine trees, La Colina is also crossed by copious streams of freshwater used for coffee processing. The varietals at the farm are Caturra and Bourbon. This lot is composed of 100% Caturra varietal.

Only ripe coffee cherries are hand-picked and processed immediately next to Tony's home, located in the middle of the farm. After de-pulping the coffee, it sees a 36-hour dry fermentation heaped in concrete tanks before being washed the traditional way, with collected natural spring water in long, narrow channels. Sundried on patios.

In the cup: notes of cherry, almonds, brown sugar, buttery body, citrus finish.

Minimum resting period: 10 days from roast date for espresso roast.

La Colina - Tony Medina
1700 masl
Processing method
Fully washed, dried on patios
For espresso & moka pot
Tasting Notes
Cherry, almonds, brown sugar, buttery body, citrus finish

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