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Kuku Jasiri #1 Semi Anaerobic Natural - Mbale


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Kuku Jasiri #1 Semi Anaerobic Natural - Mbale

A microlot, which went through a new semi-anaerobic natural process, characterized by intense fruity notes, delicate floral tones, vanilla, and creamy hazelnut hints.

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This specialty microlot comes from a small private wash station called Sironko Coffee Yard. The station collects and processes small producers' coffee in the Mount Elgon area, near the border with Kenya.

The microlot, prepared through a semi-anaerobic natural process, is characterized by intense fruity notes, delicate floral tones, vanilla, and creamy hazelnut hints.

The Sironko Coffee Yard, founded in 2018, is a private collection and processing station. The station, equipped with modern software, tracks, and isolates each delivery, identifying precisely each specific microlots. The tracking allows recognizing, directly to the growers who delivered it, any premium price that each microlot may obtain when sold. The premium then fosters the continuous improvement of quality levels.

The varieties grown in this region are mainly SL28 and SL34, very similar to those growing on the border's Kenyan side.

The specialty microlot, as mentioned, is prepared via a semi-anaerobic natural process. After delivery, the cherries are selected by hand in floating tanks to remove the lower quality cherries.

They are then fermented initially in sealed polypropylene bags for 72 hours. A mechanical depulper then removes skin and mucilage. The beans are finally left to dry out on raised beds for 15–20 days, as in a more traditional natural process. In this period, the beans are covered during the hottest hours of the day to protect them from intense sunlight, then again at night to protect them from excessive humidity. Further, they are frequently turned, at least once per hour, to avoid unwanted fermentations.

After the parchment's mechanical removal, the beans are sealed in GrainPro bags to protect them accurately during the transport.


Minimum resting period: 10 days from roast date for espresso extractions.

Mount Elgon
Processing Station
Sironko Coffee Yard
1800-2300 masl
SL-28, SL-34
Processing method
Semi anaerobic natural
For espresso extractions
Tasting Notes
Fruity notes, floral tones, vanilla, hazelnut cream

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