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GN-40 Anaerobic Natural Gesha


Panama Filter

GN-40 Anaerobic Natural Gesha

A stunning microlot of competition quality: 100% Gesha, double-fermented (aerobic and anaerobic), dried for fifty days: cocoa nibs and rose, tamarind, and tropical fruits in the cup. It’s an intense gem with a syrupy body, a balanced acidity, and a long aftertaste.

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José Luttrell from Panama's Abu Coffee produced this stunning microlot of competition quality.

It is a Geisha varietal cultivated in the region of Cañas Verdes, Boquete, in a humid and rainy microclimate typical of the tropical forest. On average, coffee trees are grown on the slopes of the Volcán Bar National Park, which have fertile, well-drained volcanic and organically rich soils at 1550 meters above sea level. Native trees that grow in harmony with the abounding local flora and fauna, preserving the environment and biodiversity provide the shade that protects the plantation. Because of its advantageous geographic location, sunlight is a crucial component of the entire process. The harvest season begins in the summer, around December, and lasts until March, when the humidity drops and, combined with natural shade and the Bajareque mist, creates the ideal balance for the maturation process. As a result, the cherries reach their full potential, intensifying the sugars and enriching the bean's flavor.

The virgin rain forests where the ABU COFFEE plantations lie within make its climate an extraordinary condition to achieve a unique combination of characteristics that make their Geisha one-of-a-kind coffee with personality, intense juicy flavors, and aromatic floral notes.

ABU COFFEE was named in memory of José Guillermo Luttrell Tedman, the third generation of coffee producers, and to carry on his dream of creating the best-balanced coffee cup, a Geisha raised with the highest quality standards.

That is why "ABU," (short for Abuelo, grandfather in Spanish), as his grandchildren used to call him, embodies the heritage of this visionary and passionate lover of Boquete and specialty coffee he wishes to preserve for future generations.

ABU COFFEE, a young Geisha farm with only five years of production, has participated for four consecutive years in the Best of Panama Competition among the most recognized brands of Geisha coffees from Panama, with outstanding results demonstrating consistency in their processes and high-quality standards.

The process: double phase, extended slow dry natural anaerobic.

The cherries are hand collected at the optimum maturation point, then hand-selected and floated with mountain spring water. The whole cherries are initially fermented for 24 hours in open tanks. Once this first stage is finished, the cherries go through a second phase of the anaerobic dry process for 120 hours.

After the fermentation is completed, the cherries are transferred manually to the African raised beds to the final sun-dried stage for 50 days. This microlot was specially prepared and directly traded from Abu Coffee Panama to Nero Scuro.

In the cup: Cocoa nibs and rose, tamarind, and tropical fruits. It’s an intense gem with a syrupy body, a balanced acidity, and a long aftertaste.


Resting period: at least 5 days for filter roast.

Cañas Verdes - Boquete
Abu Coffee - José Luttrell
1550 masl
Processing method
24h aerobic fermentation, 120h anaerobic fermentation, dried under the sun for 50 days on raised beds
For filter
Tasting Notes
Cocoa nibs, rose, tamarind, tropical fruits

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