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El Salvador

Finca La Reforma SL28 Natural - Santa Ana Volcano


El Salvador Filter

Finca La Reforma SL28 Natural - Santa Ana Volcano

A nanolot composed of Kenyan SL28 varietal but grown and prepared in El Salvador, with notes of yellow kiwi, pomegranate and nectarine

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The Alvarez family has been making coffee in the hilly area of ​​the Santa Ana Volcano of El Salvador, the western part of the country, for over a hundred years and four generations. The fertile volcanic soils and the mild climate offer ideal conditions for coffee cultivation.

Finca La Reforma, owned by the Alvarez family, extends over 36 hectares, mainly cultivated with Red Bourbon varietal. Coffee plants are grown with the shadow tree technique, meaning they are planted under the shade of taller native trees. The picking is carried out exclusively by hand.

Recently, Yellow and Pink Bourbon varieties have been planted, as well as a small quantity of SL28 coming from Kenya. This limited availability varietal composes the nanolot we were able to source.

The lot, after the strictly hand-picked harvest, was prepared according to the natural process. It was dry-fermented on raised beds: the cherries were frequently turned over to control their fermentation and have been covered during the hottest hours of the day and overnight.

When the cherries reached the desired residual humidity, around 11%, they were processed in the dry mill of the family, called El Borbollon, where skin and mucilage, now dry, along with parchment, are removed. The green coffee was then packed in 30kg Grain Pro bags, in which it has arrived in our laboratory.

We roasted this coffee with a filter profile. After numerous tests, we preferred a very delicate roasting approach to obtaining a remarkable complexity in the cup with an acidity similar to that of the pomegranate. When prepared with the V60, this coffee has notes of yellow kiwi and nectarine sweetness.


*** Minimum resting period: 7 days from roasting date ***

El Salvador
Santa Ana Volcano
La Reforma - Alvarez Family
1350 - 1450 masl
Processing method
Light, crafted for filter extractions
Tasting Notes
Yellow kiwi, pomegranate, nectarine

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