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Coffee and Jesse - Finca Hartman Maragogype Carbonic Maceration


Panama Filter

Coffee and Jesse - Finca Hartman Maragogype Carbonic Maceration

A fantastic coffee with a special purpose and notes of passion fruit, black cherry, winey

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From the cooperation of Nero Scuro Specialty Coffees with @coffeeandlucas and @coffeeandjesse, comes this fantastic nano lot available for a limited time only.

And it has a unique purpose too: 10% of the revenues from this coffee will go to support the mission of @la_casetta_dei_gatti_roma.

This coffee has been grown at the Finca Hartmann by Ratibor Hartman, in Volcan Baru, Chiriquí Province of Panama at 1500 m asl.

Composed by the Maragogype varietal only, it has been prepared according to an experimental natural process with carbonic maceration.

The cherries were picked by hand and put, right after the picking, into steel tanks similar to those used for the wine processing.

The tanks were sealed off from the air (i.e., the fermentation was “anaerobic”) for 12 days. Additionally, carbon dioxide was injected before sealing each container, to ensure all the oxygen was pushed out from the tank. The Temperature was held constant at 20°C during the whole fermentation process.

Once taken out, the cherries were dried on raised African beds to reach a 14% residual moisture in about 12 days.

In the cup, this coffee has notes of passion fruit, black cherry, winey. It will be available for purchase on our website, with a unique label, for a limited time only from the 18th of January, 2020 until it lasts.

Volcan Baru, Chiriquí
Finca Hartmann - Ratibor Hartmann
1500 masl
Processing method
Experimental Natural with Carbonic Maceration
Light, crafted for filter extractions
Tasting Notes
Passion fruit, black cherry, winey

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