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Fazenda São Silvestre Yellow Icatu Cryo Anaerobic Fermentation


Brazil Filter Espresso & Moka Pot

Fazenda São Silvestre Yellow Icatu Cryo Anaerobic Fermentation

A special microlot anaerobically fermented at low temperature for 288h fermentation, and dried for 27 days on raised beds.

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Focusing on quality improvement and product diversity, São Silvestre farm was acquired by the Andrade family in the 90’s.

Located 15 km far from Serra do Salitre county, it sits at an average altitude of 1.220 meters high, which provides ideal conditions for growing specialty coffee due to its perfect balance of wet and dry seasons.

The region's original fauna can be frequently seen on the farm in detriment of proximity with the environmental reserve area. São Silvestre farm is, in fact, known for its beautiful terroir, awarded coffees, and concern with the environment.

This microlot is composed of 100% Yellow Icatù varietal, characterized by the high level of glucose and fructose present in the coffee cherry.

The development of the Yellow Icatu cultivars was initiated after the identification of the natural cross between plants of Red Icatu with Yellow Bourbon and Yellow Mundo Novo, occurring in an experiment at the Campinas Agronomic Institute (IAC) in Brazil. The seeds that gave birth to these cultivars in May of 1970 were first planted at the beginning of 1971. After various generations of selection, starting with the hybrid material, this new varietal was released for commercial use in 1992. The name Icatù, in the Tupi-Guarani language, translates to the Portuguese "bonança," which means smooth sailing, as subsequent generations demonstrated resistance to coffee leaf rust.

The harvest of this specific microlot happened on the 29th of June 2020. Following the harvest, the coffee cherries were transported to the processing facility of São Silvestre farm. The coffee cherries passed through an electronic selection machine at the facility, responsible for reading the fruit color and separating ripe cherries from unripe ones and floaters. The ripe cherries were put into sealed 200-liter barrels and fermented inside a cold environment (around 9 degrees Celsius) for 288 hours. As the fermentation begins, carbon dioxide is produced. As it is denser than oxygen, it compresses the oxygen to the top of the barrel, allowing the coffee cherries to ferment in an anaerobic environment. During the fermentation, aromatic and flavor compounds are produced and absorbed by the coffee beans. After fermentation, the coffee cherries were transported to raised beds to slowly dry (for 27 days), potentializing the coffee sensorial profile. As all the process was done with the peel, it is a natural coffee.

In the cup: macerated sultanas, dried plums, citrus fruits, honey, cocoa nibs. Liquorous and creamy body.


Minimum resting period: 10 days from roast date for espresso roast, 5 days for filter roast.

Serra do Salitre, Minas Gerais
Fazenda São Silvestre
1220 masl
Yellow Icatù
Processing method
Anaerobic low temperature, 288h fermentation,
dried for 27 days on raised beds
Two profiles available:
For espresso & moka pot
For filter
Tasting Notes
Sultanas, dried plums, citrus fruits, honey. Liquorous and creamy body.

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