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Costa Rica

La Pastora White Honey, Tarrazú


Costa Rica Espresso & Moka Pot

La Pastora White Honey, Tarrazú

A white honey Tarazú for espresso with citrus, blackberry, red grape notes

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Grown at 2000m above sea level in the area of ​​San Marcos de Tarrazú, in the homonymous region of Costa Rica, this coffee comes from Catuai variety trees planted in one of four small farms managed by Carlos and Lucia Montero. They take care of the full process: the cultivation, the cherry picking, strictly by hand, and then the processing.

The cherries are put through a "white honey" process. With the use of a disk Ecopulper, around 70-80% of the pulp is firstly removed. The coffee beans are then sent straight to raised beds within an open greenhouse in order to dry out. The beans are moved and turned every 1-2 hours for about 10-12 days, until their moisture content is about 10-10.5%.

Each honey process approach requires that a certain amount of pulp is left on the bean during the drying phase. In the case of the white honey process, the pulp layer is extremely thin: just about 20 to 30% of the original pulp is left on each bean. This differentiates this methodology from the yellow, red and black honey ones, as they respectively require increasing amounts of pulp to be left on each bean.

Costa Rica
La Pastora - Carlos and Lucia Montero
2000 masl
Yellow Catuai
Processing method
White Honey
Medium, crafted for Espresso
Tasting Notes
Citrus fruit, blackberry, red grape

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