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Buku Sayisa Natural Lot #2 - Hambela, Guji


Ethiopia Filter Espresso & Moka Pot

Buku Sayisa Natural Lot #2 - Hambela, Guji

Sweet hints of ripe citrus fruits, blueberries, and raisins for this single varietal natural Ethiopia

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Located at 2350 masl, the Buku processing station represents one of the highest altitude coffee productions we have ever come across.

The village of Buku Saysa is located in the district of Hambela Wamena, part of the broader area of ​​Guji, and collects the cherries of the small farmers of the surrounding. In this area, the ancient Dega variety is cultivated, which in other regions of Ethiopia is indistinct within the so-called Ethiopian heirloom. This is, therefore, an Ethiopian microlot composed of a single variety: a very unique opportunity.

The microlot was prepared according to the natural process: after the manual picking and removal of any over-ripe or unripe, the remaining cherries were dry-fermented on raised beds. They are usually turned frequently throughout the day and covered during the central hours of the day and at night, to avoid unwanted fermentations.

In the cup, sweet hints of citrus fruits, ripe fruit, blueberries, and raisins, with an acidity of tropical fruit similar to mango in the finish can be distinguished. Very clean and with a remarkable body, this lot is particularly suitable for extractions both with filter and espresso, using the roast profiles we have developed for each purpose.

For filter extractions with V60, we suggest the following recipe as a starting point:

  • Brew ratio: 1g of coffee for every 17g of water
  • Water temperature: 90–92C
  • Extraction time: 2’30 - 3’00

*** Minimum resting period: 14 days espresso / 7 days filter from roasting date ***

Buku Saysa - Hambela
2350 masl
Processing method
Natural, fermented on raised beds
Two profiles available:
Medium, for espresso & moka pot
Light, for filter
Tasting Notes
Ripe citrus fruits, blueberries, raisins

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