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Boji Kochere Fully Washed Grade 1 - Yirgacheffe


Ethiopia Espresso & Moka Pot

Boji Kochere Fully Washed Grade 1 - Yirgacheffe

Yellow fruits, papaya, nectarine and florals accompanied with a very elegant and refreshing citrus acidity.

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The coffees from the Ethiopian woreda (district) of Kochere are amongst the best in the world. In the area the altitudes are considerable, and the taller trees keep the underlying coffee plants in dim light. This microlot comes from the village (kebele) of Boji and it has been prepared by the homonymous washing station.

Grown at an altitude between 1790 and 1900m above sea level, the lot is composed of the local heirloom varietal. The processing station collects cherries from smallholders of the area, about 500, selecting only Grade 1 cherries. Most of the farmers manage a plot of one hectare or less.

This specific microlot was prepared using the so-called fully washed process, and only 50 60kg bags were from this microlot.

The handpicked cherries were firstly inspected to eliminate those under- or over-ripe. Mucilage and skin are removed mechanically from the parchment. The beans were then again parsed by density to remove any further unripe or defective cherries that are naturally less dense. They were then sent to the fermentation tanks.

The parchment was fermented underwater for 48 hours, then again inspected in the washing channels, where the water naturally separates the beans by density. The good beans were then washed for 24 hours in fresh and clean water.

The beans were eventually dried in thin layers over African drying beds. During the first few hours, the drying process was performed under shades. The beans were then moved under the sun for 12 days, and covered with plastic sheets during the central hours of the day and at night.

Once the desired residual moisture level (10 to 12%) was reached, the parchment was mechanically removed, and the green beans packed into GrainPro bags, to protect them during the transportation.

In the cup, you can expect notes of yellow fruits, papaya, nectarine, and florals accompanied with a very elegant and refreshing citrus acidity.

Espresso extraction advice

We suggest the following recipe as a starting point (double shot):

  • Coffee grounds: 17g
  • Brew ratio: 2.1:1 (i.e. about 36g in the cup)
  • Total brew time: 28 to 30s


*** Minimum resting period: 14 days from roasting date ***

Kochere, Yirgacheffe
Washing Station
1790 - 1900 masl
Ethiopian Heirloom
Processing method
Fully washed, dried on African beds
Medium, crafted for espresso and moka pot
Tasting Notes
Yellow fruits, papaya, nectarine, florals

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