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Baragwi Farmers Cooperative Lot #139 - Kirinyaga


Kenya Filter

Baragwi Farmers Cooperative Lot #139 - Kirinyaga

An outstanding Kenyan with notes of melon, passion fruit, tropical fruit, and honey. A super juicy and delicious coffee, roasted exclusively for filter

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This outstanding microlot comes from the western side of the Kirinyaga district, Kenya. The growing area is located between 1700 and 1800m above sea level, in the south of Mount Kenya, whose snowy peaks are clearly visible from the cultivation area.

The lot was produced by the Baragwi Farmers’ Cooperative Society, an association composed of about 1700 small producers. These, for the coffee preparation, make use of the Muchagara Factory, whose name derives from the homonym village n which it is located.

The factory was opened for processing in 1959, making it the oldest washing station in the Kirinyaga region.

The microlot, composed of SL–28 and SL–34 varietals only, was prepared with the classic Kenyan approach known as double fermentation, a variant of the fully-washed process.

The pulp is mechanically removed from the cherries after harvesting. The beans, still covered with some mucilage, are placed in the fermentation tanks, with a minimum quantity of water, for 12–24 hours depending on the speed of fermentation. When a good part of the mucilage starts to separate from the beans, these are washed in clean water. At this stage, any immature beans, characterized by lower density, are removed.

The process is then repeated: a further step of dry fermentation, followed by washing in clean water. Finally, the beans are dried on raised beds. They are typically covered during the hottest hours of the day and at night.

In the cup, this specialty coffee has notes of melon, passion fruit, tropical fruit, and honey. It is a super juicy and delicious coffee, roasted exclusively by filter with a dedicated profile that we have developed to enhance its characteristics.

Minimum resting period: 3 days from roast date.

Muchagara - Kirinyaga district
Baragwi Farmers' Cooperative Society
1700 - 1800 masl
SL28, SL34
Processing method
Fully washed (Kenyan double fermentation), dried on raised beds
Light, crafted for filter extractions
Tasting Notes
Melon, passion fruit, tropical fruit, honey.

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