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Apolonio Canales' Finca El Picacho - Massaguara, Intibuca


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Apolonio Canales' Finca El Picacho - Massaguara, Intibuca

Fragrant and floral, great delicacy and complexity, notes of grapefruit and an almost candy sweetness

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Apolonio Canales Portillo is a coffee producer from the Pozo Negro community of the nearby small town of Masaguara, in the mountainous Intibuca district of Nicaragua, not far from El Salvador.

Apolonio had always lived in the area and started growing coffee a decade ago when he managed to buy 8 hectares of land to found Finca El Picacho. Only five hectares are currently cultivated with coffee. Given the small size of the farm, Apolonio preferred to focus on obtaining a high-quality product and achieve higher prices. He recently invested in a solar dryer, and he takes particular care of the cherry handpicking, carried out in multiple steps to collect only the ripest ones.

After harvesting, there is a further selection to remove any unripe cherries that may have been inadvertently harvested. The skin and mucilage are removed from the cherries with a mechanical depulper. The pachment is at first fermented for 12 hours and then sent to the washing channels where the less mature beans are identified by density and removed. The remaining beans are then washed in clean water for extra 12 hours and then dried with a more typical approach than in South America: the beans are placed on raised beds for a period between 11 and 20 days and covered during the warmer hours of the day and overnight. The parchment is finally removed mechanically, and the green beans are vacuum packed.

In the cup, this coffee is fragrant and floral, with great delicacy and complexity. It presents notes of grapefruit and an almost candy sweetness. It is available roasted to order with a profile crafted for espresso extraction.

Masaguara, Intibuca
Finca El Picacho - Apolonio Canales Portillo
1400 masl
Processing method
Fully washed, dried on african beds
Medium, crafted for espresso and moka pot
Tasting Notes
Grapefruit, floral, candy sweetness

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