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AA Kagumoini #072 - Nyeri


Kenya Filter

AA Kagumoini #072 - Nyeri

A Kenyan specialty with remarkable cupping score, particularly suitable for filter extractions: highly complex and full of taste, with notes of black currant, red grapes, plum and honey

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The Lot # 072 AA Kagumoini comes from the homonymous Kagumoini Factory in the Nyeri area of ​​central Kenya.

The microlot, a specialty coffee of exceptionally high cupping score, is representative of the coffee quality level achievable in this beautiful region: particularly suitable for filter extractions and roasted with a profile crafted for them, it is sophisticated and tasteful, with notes of black currant, red grapes, plum and honey.

The Kagumoini Factory area possesses the perfect microclimatic conditions for the cultivation of extremely high-quality coffee. It is located on the southern slopes of Mount Kenya at an altitude of 1750 meters over volcanic soil naturally rich in nutrients. In this area, about 1100 small farmers grow and collect coffee by delivering it to the mill.

This specialty microlot is composed of SL-28 varietal for more than 90%, the remaining 10% being essentially SL-34, with Ruiru 11 and Batian in negligible quantities. The beans have been selected by size: the batch is graded "AA", that is, it contains beans with a diameter of a quarter of an inch or higher.

The preparation process is the classic fully washed with dry fermentation, typical of several high-quality Kenyan coffees. The dry fermentation is performed using only the cherry juice to ferment the beans before washing them one or more times.

In particular, the cherries are firstly picked by hand and then further selected manually to remove the over and under-ripe.

The cherries are then processed with a mechanical depulper, which removes the outer skin and most of the mucilage.

The beans, still covered with some residual pulp, are sent to fermentation tanks, where they remain for 16-24 hours without direct light exposure. In this way, bacteria and yeasts completely consume the mucilage. They are then washed and classified by density, to remove any residual immature, and finally soaked for further 16-18 hours in clean water.

The drying phase occurs by placing the beans on raised beds to reduce the residual humidity to a target value of 10-11%. This can take up to three weeks, during which the beans are turned regularly to avoid any unwanted fermentation and covered during the hottest hours of the day and night.

The last step involves dry mechanical processing to remove the parchment. Finally, the beans are vacuum packed and shipped.

Washing Station
Kagumoini Factory
1750 masl
SL-28, SL-34
Processing method
Fully washed, dry fermented, dried on raised beds
Light, crafted for filter extractions
Tasting Notes
Black currant, red grapes, plum, vanilla

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